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Coworking Spaces

A fixed size office, including 2 seat, lighting, desk and chair.

Coworking Spaces

An interactive coworking membership model that can use the common work-space, offering a spontaneous network.

Coworking Spaces

A membership model with a dedicated office chair and a desk to share a designated office space with other Bizix members.

Coworking Spaces

Your presence might be virtual, but our hearts are together with this membership model! Create a business presence, we handle all your mail and courier.

Help in your personal development and to face the challenges of a competitive and growing business environment.
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A Co-working Space is an alternative, open and shared work environment for those who prefer not to work in a home-office, busy café environment or a generic fixed office space. Enjoy a professional working environment with the use of a Flex Desk without the cost of a fixed office space. You can work comfortably in a vibrant energetic space, meet customers, and collaborate with other Bizix clients with the Hot Desk.

Coworking Coworking Office Advantages

  • Take advantage of our social activities and other opportunities to meet and collaborate with open space workers like you
  • Avoid distractions of working in cafes by working in the lounge area
  • Enjoy our café with complimentary tea and coffee and other available snacks
  • Utilize the prestigious business address giving you and your company a more professional image
  • Coworking Space
  • Bizix Coworking Space location is conveniently accessible by public transportation and tram lines
  • Flexible packages with the ability to move from one package to another
  • Networking advantages with local, international and start-up companies via our monthly events.


Offer networking, socials, seminars, workshops, assistance with skill training, and collaboration that supports business growth.

With a Bizix membership, you can focus, be energized, get work done, and hold meetings in a comfortable and open environment.

Working as a freelancer or for a startup often means working for a company without an office. With a Bizix membership, you can focus, be energized, get work done, and hold meetings in a comfortable and open environment.

Bizix is ​​a coworking space, open office business center located in Antalya. Offering high-speed internet, complimentary tea / coffee and meeting room facilities while you are meeting new business communities.

Frequently Asked Questions


Office membership is for minimum 3 months, Hot Desk and Private Corner memberships are for minimum 1 month.
We offer certain advantages and free usage for rentals for more than 6 months.
To initiate your membership, it’s enough to pay 2 months rent.
You can rent lockers upon availability. The rates are available in the web site.
We would recommend you to make reservations in order for us to make more time and get to know you better. For walk-ins, you can visit us on Tuesday- Fridays at 11:00 – 13:00 or at 15:00 by giving your name to our welcome desk or calling us at 0507 844 7711.
Office Hours: Monday / Friday 09:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday 09:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
We love pets! As long as they don’t bother other members, all pets are welcome.
We are sorry to say that we cannot help you with this. However, your visitors can visit with a daily fee on their visit.
We don’t have membership freezing for any of our memberships.
Sadly no. We only accept notifications for our lawyer members.
There are full-time self-service coffee and tea stands. We don’t ask for additional fees.
You can eat in our terrace area or in the meeting room (in case outside weather not convenient) areas.
There is a cleaning service everyday, in all areas.

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