Our Story

Our only reason is to be a happy, peaceful, successful community ...

"Our dream is to see the power of community and collaboration contributing to the development of personal growth, creativity, innovation and successful business ventures."



Bizix is a co-working space formed to be a business community for innovation, creativity, growth and connection. We believe we are better together, and that each person/business has a set of skills to contribute to the community, inspiring collaborations and partnerships. This will lead to successful personal and business development.


Imagine, you are a coder and developing a valuable application, but your skill set is not enough to make it attractive for your market. Within the same co-working space, you meet a marketing expert with the knowledge to help advertise your product. This is the power of collaboration being utilized under the same roof.


Offering an atmosphere of excellence


Cultivating community and connections


Facilitating growth and connections


Providing positivity and energy

"25 yılı aşkın süredir konaklama sektöründeki insanları ve tesisleri yönetiyorum. Topluma, kazandığını geri ödemeye ve daha genç nesli geliştirmeye inanan tutkulu biriyim. 7 gün 24 saat müşteri hizmetleri, pazarlama uzmanı ve müzakere yeteneklerimle bilinirim. "
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