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It is a business center where foreign and domestic entrepreneurs bring together the best facilities to take advantage of coworking office and virtual office facilities and support their members to invest in their businesses and goals with their flexible service solutions.

You can easily calculate your annual expenses and get rid of all hidden costs thanks to ready-to-use office and virtual office packages where overhead expenses are included in the single invoice. You can increase your success while reducing your office costs.

The name "Bizix" is derived from the word English Business.

We call freelancers, creative agencies, investors, entrepreneurs and companies who work with passion, who is also a Bizix member.
The new office space we have created is called coworking spaces around the world. Coworking means ‘working together’. The aim is to create independent office spaces with collective living areas that bring together likeminded people from different sectors and freelancers. This way, people from different sectors get to work under the same roof in a more economical and socialized place.
Shared Office Space is a concept that allows companies from different sectors work under the same roof. A serviced office is an office building that rents individual offices or floors to other companies and supplies them with cleaning, security and WIFI.
Flexibility. We offer monthly and yearly office rentals. Networking. Working under the same roof with many different freelancers and investors, its possible for you to find your next coworker, investors or simply someone to have coffee with. Motivation. We offer you a happy coworking space with breakfasts, educational panels, massages, yoga classes and much more. Comfort and Inspiration. You can work at our elaborately and ergonomically designed office spaces and get inspired. Productive. You can move into your dream office quickly, without deposit or an investment.


Office membership is for minimum 3 months, Hot Desk and Private Corner memberships are for minimum 1 month.
We offer certain advantages and free usage for rentals for more than 6 months.
To initiate your membership, it’s enough to pay 2 months rent.
You can rent lockers upon availability. The rates are available in the web site.
We would recommend you to make reservations in order for us to make more time and get to know you better. For walk-ins, you can visit us on Tuesday- Fridays at 11:00 – 13:00 or at 15:00 by giving your name to our welcome desk or calling us at 0507 844 7711.
The offices working hours Monday / Friday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM Saturday 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM, you can use them for how ever long you want during operating hours.
We love pets! As long as they don’t bother other members, all pets are welcome.
We are sorry to say that we cannot help you with this. However, your visitors can visit with a daily fee on their visit.
We don’t have membership freezing for any of our memberships.
Sadly no. We only accept notifications for our lawyer members.
There are full-time self-service coffee and tea stands. We don’t ask for additional fees.
You can eat in our terrace area or in the meeting room (in case outside weather not convenient) areas.
There is a cleaning service everyday, in all areas.

Meeting Rooms

Özel Köşe üyeliklerine aylık 3 saat, Hot Desk + Sanal üyeliklerde aylık 2 saat, ofis üyeliklerinde ayda 6 saat, toplantı hakkı veriyoruz. Toplantı odalarının kullanımında, gün ve saat garantisi için rezerve etmenizi rica ederiz. Hot Desk üyeliklerin ve Kullanımsız Sanal üyeliklelerin, ücretsiz toplantı odası kullanım hakkı bulunmuyor. Oda rezervasyonunu gerçekleştirdiğinizde, kullanım bedeli ay sonu üyelik faturanıza yansıtıyoruz. Toplantı odalarımız hafta sonları rezerve edilemiyor, ancak kullanmak isteyenler karşılama ekibimizle iletişime geçebilir.
We have self-service coffee and tea between 9.00 and 18.00. For snacks, we ask for you to let us know 2 days ahead. We add the extra catering fee to your monthly bill.
We ask you to let us know about the cancellations 12 hours prior to the meetings, otherwise we’re not able to help you with the cancellation.
Our meeting room with 24 people capacity is open for non-members and can be booked. Our Bizix Members can use these rooms with a 20% discount. The smaller room is accessible only by our members.

WIFI Access

İnternet bağlantısını kişi başı 10mbps’ye kadar veriyoruz. Daha hızlı internet bağlantısı ihtiyacı olduğu takdirde, ilave paketlerle satın alabilirsiniz. Ofisimizde sadece wi-fi internet bağlantısı bulunuyor.


We are secure with 24/7 CCTV system.
üyelerimizin misafirlerini iki saate kadar ücretsiz olarak ağırlayabiliyoruz. İki saatin üzerine çıkan misafirlerden saatlik / günlük bir ödeme talep ediliyor. Ve bu tutar ay sonunda, Üyenin faturasına yansıtılıyor. Ücreti ödenen misafirlerinizden, bilgilerinizi alarak, misafirinize günlük internet şifresi veriyoruz. Misafirleriniz ortak kullanımlı açık çalışma alanlarında mesai saatleri süresince çalışabilir. Ek hizmetlerimizin tümüne ve fiyatlandırmalarına web sitemizden ulaşabilirsiniz.
You can accommodate any number of visitors in your offices. If your visitors use the Lounge areas for more than 3 times a month, we bill them daily fee to the members account.

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